Monday, April 6, 2009

Talking to my dog...

I was talking to my dog Zeke yesterday. He looks like Marley but his name is Zeke. Good name for a dog. He said something about blogging. Not sure how he knows about these things. Since he weighs in at 75+ lbs and his paws are full of mud all the time, I decided it was time that I typed up his thoughts.
Blogging is something Zeke has considered for a long time since I tell him about the blogs I read. He is an introverted dog, so the thought of blogging to the cyber world is a little bit daunting. It was a warm day yesterday and Zeke spent some time chasing a big ball that had blown into the back yard. He cooled off by prancing through the water in the ditch. Yellow labs look even more dirty after mudding up the paws. He enjoyed the warm sunny Sunday afternoon before tucking in to his dog house for the night. He was not happy when I told him to expect snow tomorrow.
Well, this is Zeke's first blog so we will keep it short.

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